If you’re seeking for a luxury destination that will offer you a thrilling and memorable vacation, one of the places you should definitely try out is The Exumas, Bahamas. This magical place will certainly leave you longing for a second visit.

The Exumas is a renowned archipelago of 365 islands which sits in the Exuma District of Bahamas. Also referred to as cays, the islands stretch vastly over the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Most of these islands are bare but some of them have since been bought by various celebrities and tycoons. Examples of famous persons who own an island in The Exumas include Eddie Murphy, Faith Hill, Tyler Perry, and Johnny Depp among others.

The Exumas is an ideal place for anyone intent on taking a luxurious vacation. Below is a summary of what this Caribbean archipelago has to offer you:

Beauty and Serenity
The Exumas is completely breathtaking. Its turquoise greenish-sky bluish waters coupled with its white sandy shorelines make it altogether resplendent. A stroll along the soft sands as you stare at the tantalizing waters is akin to being in a little Nirvana.

The archipelago is also very relaxing. The atmosphere is serene with occasional sway of afternoon tides and chirping of shore side birds. Furthermore, a gentle breeze blows from the waters to keep you lulled and hydrated in the warmth of midday and afternoon. All these, together with the lush greenery of the shoreline vegetation provide you with a perfectly serene setting to just relax in and become renewed.

Luxury Accommodation
Beach HouseThe beautiful archipelago boasts of luxury and world class resorts and hotels. You can book cozy villas and suites at any of these and make yourself comfortable as you enjoy your vacation stint at the great archipelago. The resorts all have private beaches at which you can swim or sunbathe and just enjoy all that the Atlantic waters and climate have to offer you. Most of them also have sophisticated recreation facilities where you can unwind when not out exploring the archipelago. Examples of recommendable luxury resorts at The Exumas include Grand Isle Resort and Spa and Exuma Beach Resort among many others.

In addition to the resorts and hotels, there are also state of the art vacation rentals which you can lease for your stay.

Great Food
Fine DiningLike most Caribbean destinations, The Exumas also offers a great cuisine. Its cuisine include fresh seafood such as tuna, lobster, marlin, conch, wahoo, and grouper and also various meats. Pork is especially served in plenty at the archipelago alongside accompanying dishes like potatoes, plantains, and fried rice.

You can visit Georgetown Fish Fry and savor some grilled tuna or deep fried conch. You can also make your way to Stocking Island and enjoy some sumptuous pig roast at Chat ‘N’ Chill Restaurant. The area has plenty of yummy dishes to offer, it all up to you concerning the dishes you will want to treat your taste buds to.

Fun Activities
You won’t be in shortage of fun activities to engage in while in this island stretch of the Bahamas. For some luxury, you may want to try out yachting. Yachting services are offered by resorts as well as private business persons. Aside from yachting, you can also engage in some boating and get to tour one island after another.

Other fun activities at The Exumas include fishing, parasailing, kayaking, and snorkeling among many more. Talking of snorkeling, there are a lot of underwater attractions to see at the archipelago. These include coral reefs, sea turtles, and starfish among others.

Friendly Natives
Your stay at the Caribbean hotspot will further be made colorful by the friendliness of the locals. The local Caribbean community are very friendly to visitors and willing to help in any possible way.

Visit the Archipelago
Are you seeking to go on a luxury vacation any time soon? Why not give The Exumas a try? You will most likely enjoy its lovely setting, pristine beaches, great food, and every other wonderful thing there.

In case you may want to visit the archipelago, it’s most advisable to do so between December and April. The weather there is at its best during this period of time.


Luxury travel is fun for everyone in the world, and sometimes a much needed treat.  We know not everyone has the means to go all out full luxury, but if you are blessed and have the opportunity, please do take the time to treat yourself to something magical.  The experience will blow you away and rejuvenate your sole.   If you  know of other great luxurious places to visit in this world please send us a quick note and let us know where it is, we will try to visit and write about it as well.  If you want to try your hand at writing the article for us and sharing your pictures we would love that too.

Safe Travels!