Luxury Island Travel

Traveling to exotic locations is always fun.  You can make some lifelong memories, and see some really great places.  If you are an adventurer like Ronnie, please send us your story.   Ronnie does parking lot striping in Houston but had a great story about the first time he went to an island.    It is a great story, and we hope you enjoy it.

My dream had definitely come true, all my life I wished to ever step my foot on an island.  Phu Quoc Island was to be my destination.  Free from the ordinary, this was like a dream come true.  I used to only hear of the place from my friends who used to boast about it, well, they were not wrong!  Phu Quoc was a paradise indeed.  Pho Quoc is an island that is positioned on the far south of Kien Guan province and is famous for its 5 hidden beaches.  If you have been dreaming of a one of a kind vacation, then this is one luxurious place that will blow your mind.  It holds one of the most beautiful sceneries as well as historical features that will linger in your mind forever.  The island is full of life not forgetting the jovial natives who are very friendly to the new visitors.  Here are top five things that you will love once you visit the island of Phu Quoc that will keep you coming back.


Phú Quốc and nearby islandsWhen I finally reached Phu Quoc I knew that this was the ideal place I wanted to spend my vacation.  Thanks to the experienced tour guides who were quite knowledgeable of the surroundings, they took me to these fancy bungalows and resorts which I was able to choose my favorite.  This is a must visit place with affordable facilities which are strategically built to give you a great view of the island and the sea as well.  Waking up to waves of the sea and the morning sun rays in my room felt like heaven.


Wildlife Experience

With over 3000 bird species and mammals, the feeling is natural.  Taking a run in the morning felt awesome.  Great exercising fields which offered a complete view of wild animals as they strolled free around.  If you are a bird lover then you ought to pack your bags and head to this destination.  Phu Quoc is one of the most natural places you can ever be in and it’s worth a visit.

Seafood in Plenty

Seafood YumFor some change of taste, I had to try seafood and I can say the experience was unforgettable.  The island is rich in fresh vegetable, herbs, and seafood thus making it the best and ideal place to try it out.  When at the beach the seafood is usually served in boats, awesome right? So be it you love grilled or cooked fish the choice is all yours, all you have to do is just call out and the right team will serve you.  Thumbs up to Phu Quoc seafood!


Swimming Beaches

Not only one beach but plenty! If you are the kind that just likes to hang out and bask out in the sun as you enjoy your day then Phu Quoc can best provide that.  You can always take your loved ones to watch as the sun goes down as you enjoy come cocktails together.  It’s an experience like no other.

Quick and Easy Access

With a quick transportation network, getting to Phu Quoc Island wasn’t any biggie; they usually have a quick and most efficient airport which offered first class service.  Talk of comfort and good customer services? They had it all.  You can always be sure that luxury is not an option when you visit the destination, they got it all worked out for you.

Are you planning on getting away from your regular normal lifestyle, well you need to find a luxurious destination that is going to give you that?  Phu Quoc Island is the ultimate place for you.  Why miss out.

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