Luxurious Dubai

People living in Asia often hope to visit those picturesque, cinematic and glorious cities that exist beyond their continent. People from other continents come to Asia as tourists too. However, there is a difference in what these tourists seek.  Back from an awesome trip to Dubai, we asked Jerry S. from Parking Lot Striping Fort Worth to give us his view of Dubai, and how the world views this luxurious city.

Tourists that go to Asia do not go there in hopes of witnessing modern advancements in technology or the latest trends in lifestyle. Tourists come to Asia seeking the beautiful experience of observing the unique heritage, cultures, and traditions that can only be found there.

But truth is, ever since Dubai became what Dubai is, this has become a stereotype.

While many places in the world fight for the title ‘city of dreams’, Dubai remains undefeated in holding the title ‘city where dreams come true’.There is no tax in Dubai and so the most successful businessmen in the world would always have something to do with the place. Being among the richest nations on the planet, Dubai provides a tourist the best of two worlds. Old and new.
hotels DubaiThe first thoughts that arise in a person’s mind when they hear ‘Dubai’ would probably be the fact that it’s a city in the United Arab Emirates and that they’ve got the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, there. Well here’s the truth. Dubai has a lot more than that and trust me when I say this, hardly anybody in the UAE considers the Burj Khalifa as a super big deal. There is much more to Dubai than those super tall and majestic skyscrapers. Dubai is the home to the world’s most luxurious hotels, including the Burj Al Arab which is the only 7-star hotel on earth. Dubai’s police drive cars worth more than 1.79 million $ including Aston Martins, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis. It’s also got the world’s biggest airport and it’s own artificially made islands with insane beachfront properties. It’s home to the world’s biggest mall and guess what they’re building a bigger one.

They’ve created their own ski resort in the middle of the desert and are currently working on plans to build hotels and other developments underwater. Where did they get the money for all this? Well it wasn’t untill 1966 that they discovered oil and became the nation they are today. Until then Dubai was a tiny fishing village with a population of around 6000 people in the middle of the Arabian Desert.

golden-cupcakeToday you can get cocktails made with diamonds, $800 ice-cream and $1000 cupcakes nowhere else in the world. But never forget that Dubai isn’t only for the rich. Even though there are over 26,000 millionaires in that city alone, the middle class enjoys the most in Dubai. Especially during DSF, the Dubai Shopping Festival, the world’s biggest shopping festival. It happens once a year in this magnificent city and the prices at which everything gets sold will always remain unmatched. Pretty much every commercial brand would have a branch in the UAE and so there’s really nothing you can’t find. There’s so much more you can find in this unbelievable city and is definitely worth a visit.

Did I mention the world’s biggest aquarium ?