Luxury of Morocco

Do you dream of sticking your toes into the warm, white sandy beaches of Diani, Kenya? Maybe having a delightfully French experience as you dine at Le Jules Verne, the Michelin-starred restaurant a top the Eiffel Tower? Perhaps you are more intrigued by taking a sun baked safari through the great plains of The Serengeti as you marvel at the Big Five? Whatever your idea of the best luxury travel destination is, taking time off to treat yourself is definitely what every doctor should order.

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With that in mind, Dar Ahlam is one luxury destination that should be on every person’s bucket list.  Lauded as the ‘most luxurious hotel travelers have never heard of’ Dar Ahlam is one of Morocco’s best-kept secrets and by far one of its most opulent destinations.

Desert-bound Splendor

Secretly nestled between the Great Sahara Desert and Marrakech lies one of the last hidden gardens of Eden on this planet.  Dar Ahlam lies inside a 19th-century restored Kasbah and is by far the most luxurious and private hotels on this side of Africa.  Fully focused on nothing else but bespoke travel, Dar Ahlam offers her visitors the kind of royal treatment people only read about in history books.


About the Hotel

Dar Ahlam Dar Ahlam isn’t like your typical luxury hotel.  There are no overly verbose signs on the road towards the hotel.  In fact, you have to go through a bumpy dirt road that seems to lead you nowhere but towards the desert that is all around you.

The entrance to what has to be one of the best luxury travel destination is not gold plated or riddled with rubies.  No, the door is simple and the corridor leading you into the hotel is dimly lit by candles yet impeccably decorated with rich Moroccan decor.

Your first hint of luxury will come in the form of the sweetly intoxicating scents that greet your nose.  The hotel has its own signature scents created specifically for it by the oldest perfume company in the world – Parfum Lubin.

As you are ushered into the hotel, you will hardly believe the kind of elegance that meets your eyes.  From the beautifully tranquil pool to the lavishly decorated rooms and the kind of service accorded you, Dar Ahlam will simply take your breath away and refuse to give it back.

Why you should visit

  • The luxurious accommodations have to be something out of a fantastic dream.
  • The bespoke service and pampering you get are fit for royals.
  • It is extremely private and secluded making it perfect for those who want to enjoy their luxury away from prying eyes.

Why you may visit only once

  • The prices are fit for those in line to a throne somewhere. But if you can master the courage to pay up, it is bound to be THE experience of a lifetime.


Things to do at Dar Ahlam

Skoura, the town where the hotel is situated, is not exactly the most popular of tourist destinations.  Which means that it does not have a whole lot of activities to help pass the time (besides being pampered).  It is, however, situated somewhere between the Sahara Desert and the Atlas Mountains.  Upon your request, the hotel staff can organize thrilling hikes and sand dune picnics among other rich activities.

In addition to everything that is exemplary and unique about this hotel, there is still one surprise it holds in store for those who visit: the dining area changes each evening.  This means that every now and again when you venture outside for a meal you will discover a new section of the Kasbah that you didn’t even know exists.  Also, there are no set menus.  The kitchen staff will work around any personal preferences you might have as far as cuisine is concerned.

This is truly an experience like no other.  From the pampering to the decor, the scents, the surrounding and the delectable “personal choice” cuisine that tantalizes your taste buds with each meal and refreshment, Dar Ahlam is without a doubt one of the best luxury travel destinations you may never have heard of before now.

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