Onam Celebrations

onam-celebrationsThe travel website Luxury Kerala Travel offers you online travel booking information to the Onam festival that is held annually in Kerala, South India. The Onam celebrations mark the annual harvesting feast in Kerala, India.

Onam celebrations may be categorized as perhaps one of the most important and significant festivals of Kerala, South India. The 10-day Onam celebrations begin on the atham day of Chingam, according to the Malayali calendar. The fact that the Kerala State Government takes special initiative in celebrating this prominent Kerala festival only goes to stress the importance this harvest festival has for the people of Kerala, South India.

The Onam celebrations in Kerala, South India are marked by cultural events such as folk music and dance performances and expressions of old traditions in amalgamation with new and developing customs can be seen during the 10-day celebrations in different parts of Kerala, South India.

A colorful Elephant procession is taken out in Trichur to mark this Kerala festival. The Vallamkali boat race is of course one of the most important and significant highlights of the Onam celebrations. This boat race sends ripples of thrill down your limbs when you watch hundreds of oarsmen manouvering the traditional snake boats to the rhythm of folk songs by the oarsmen that almost work them and the spectators into a fascinating frenzy. This is perhaps the most exciting aspect of the Onam celebrations that take place in Kerala, South India.

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