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Dar Ahlam, Morocco: The Best Luxury Travel Destination You Haven’t Heard of Yet

Luxury of Morocco

Do you dream of sticking your toes into the warm, white sandy beaches of Diani, Kenya? Maybe having a delightfully French experience as you dine at Le Jules Verne, the Michelin-starred restaurant a top the Eiffel Tower? Perhaps you are more intrigued by taking a sun baked safari through the great plains of The Serengeti as you marvel at the Big Five? Whatever your idea of the best luxury travel destination is, taking time off to treat yourself is definitely what every doctor should order.

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With that in mind, Dar Ahlam is one luxury destination that should be on every person’s bucket list.  Lauded as the ‘most luxurious hotel travelers have never heard of’ Dar Ahlam is one of Morocco’s best-kept secrets and by far one of its most opulent destinations.

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Luxury Travel

Luxury Island Travel

Traveling to exotic locations is always fun.  You can make some lifelong memories, and see some really great places.  If you are an adventurer like Ronnie, please send us your story.   Ronnie does parking lot striping in Houston but had a great story about the first time he went to an island.    It is a great story, and we hope you enjoy it.

My dream had definitely come true, all my life I wished to ever step my foot on an island.  Phu Quoc Island was to be my destination.  Free from the ordinary, this was like a dream come true.  I used to only hear of the place from my friends who used to boast about it, well, they were not wrong!  Phu Quoc was a paradise indeed.  Pho Quoc is an island that is positioned on the far south of Kien Guan province and is famous for its 5 hidden beaches.  If you have been dreaming of a one of a kind vacation, then this is one luxurious place that will blow your mind.  It holds one of the most beautiful sceneries as well as historical features that will linger in your mind forever.  The island is full of life not forgetting the jovial natives who are very friendly to the new visitors.  Here are top five things that you will love once you visit the island of Phu Quoc that will keep you coming back.

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Dubai Luxury Trip

Luxurious Dubai

People living in Asia often hope to visit those picturesque, cinematic and glorious cities that exist beyond their continent. People from other continents come to Asia as tourists too. However, there is a difference in what these tourists seek.  Back from an awesome trip to Dubai, we asked Jerry S. from Parking Lot Striping Fort Worth to give us his view of Dubai, and how the world views this luxurious city.

Tourists that go to Asia do not go there in hopes of witnessing modern advancements in technology or the latest trends in lifestyle. Tourists come to Asia seeking the beautiful experience of observing the unique heritage, cultures, and traditions that can only be found there.

But truth is, ever since Dubai became what Dubai is, this has become a stereotype.

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The Fascinating Australian Luxury Travel

Luxury Travel in Australia

If you are planning a holiday and fancy a bit of pampering and luxury travel, then you can find some fantastic places in Australia.This article aims to tell you about a few of the best luxury experiences as well as five-star accommodation ideas. There are lots to choose from in the fantastic country of Australia.

We reached out to Zach of commercial pressure washing Houston to share with us his extensive love for traveling to Australia.  He has visited numerous times and has a top 3 list that will make you want to visit as often as possible.

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The Luxuries of London

Visiting the UK

London.  The name alone sounds regal.  This city is dripping with history and culture and that’s just the surface. If you want the lap of luxury London has it to offer, she will hand it to you on a silver platter or maybe even a golden one.

No trip to London is complete without shopping from the likes of Chanel and tiffany’s , to the exquisite wine shop at Selfridges.  Looking for a quick treat?  Stop at the famous Fortnum & Mason for the most delicious biscuits in town on Oxford St. or if you prefer to hang with the “cool” crowed pop over to Camden Market food stands where you can get everything from a Mexican feast to some of the best Korean BBQ that is anything short of fabulous.


Once a quick bite is inside you stop over to the Tower of London for a very nice royal visit to see her majesty’s crown Jewels among other exciting interesting stories that the towers tell hidden inside their walls. If history isn’t your thing hop a black cab to Westminster and stand in the presence of London’s most famous resident “Big Ben”. Make sure to be there on the hour so you can hear him sing…well bong.

Big Ben


Work up a big appetite after all that exploring?  Stop at one of London’s top places to dine such as the Greenhouse with it’s relaxing atmosphere, a tree lined entry way, and only about £170 a head.   If French food is not your forte try the Savoy for a bit more of a British experience with one of the best roast dinners around.  Savory is owned by one of Britain’s most famous chefs Gordon Ramsay.


After a day of site seeing and shopping of course you want to rest your weary feet on a mattress that feels like a cloud.  London is birthing short of luxurious Five Star rest stops such as the Four seasons on Park Lane or Shangri-La Hotel at the Shard.  Maybe you are looking for that funky new age luxury, try London’s newest hotel in the game the Citizen M over on Tower Hill.  You will not be disappointed with the friendly staff and the amazing views of the roof top bar.


Maybe you are not quite tired just yet and are looking for one last thing to end your night.  Box seats at Royal Albert Hall for a show or maybe it’s a nice night front row tickets at Twickenham for a rugby match tickles your fancy.  Still not your thing then pop into one of London’s traditional palms for a pint of the good stuff and maybe a plate of salty chips. You may even make a friend while you are there. Londoners are known to be very friendly.

The London Eye


This city has something for everyone you will never get bored and after a visit you will always carry a piece of it with you. So make sure to add this amazing city to your bucket list. You won’t be disappointed.  London calling.
“If you are tired of London you are tired of life” Samuel Johnson


Highlighting world travels is what we love to do best here on our site.  If you have not been to London we very much encourage you to take a visit.  There are so many more things to do there than what we highlighted in this article.   We know that no matter which adventures you choose while there, you will absolutely love this city.


If you have any other great places that you have traveled to, and would like to see them mentioned here on our site, we would love for you to share those with us.  We can then do a highlight story and get the destination featured on our blog.   We love to hear from our readers and see all of the wonderful places to visit in this huge world.

Luxury Vacation At The Exumas, Bahamas

If you’re seeking for a luxury destination that will offer you a thrilling and memorable vacation, one of the places you should definitely try out is The Exumas, Bahamas. This magical place will certainly leave you longing for a second visit.

The Exumas is a renowned archipelago of 365 islands which sits in the Exuma District of Bahamas. Also referred to as cays, the islands stretch vastly over the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Most of these islands are bare but some of them have since been bought by various celebrities and tycoons. Examples of famous persons who own an island in The Exumas include Eddie Murphy, Faith Hill, Tyler Perry, and Johnny Depp among others.

The Exumas is an ideal place for anyone intent on taking a luxurious vacation. Below is a summary of what this Caribbean archipelago has to offer you:

Beauty and Serenity
The Exumas is completely breathtaking. Its turquoise greenish-sky bluish waters coupled with its white sandy shorelines make it altogether resplendent. A stroll along the soft sands as you stare at the tantalizing waters is akin to being in a little Nirvana.

The archipelago is also very relaxing. The atmosphere is serene with occasional sway of afternoon tides and chirping of shore side birds. Furthermore, a gentle breeze blows from the waters to keep you lulled and hydrated in the warmth of midday and afternoon. All these, together with the lush greenery of the shoreline vegetation provide you with a perfectly serene setting to just relax in and become renewed.

Luxury Accommodation
Beach HouseThe beautiful archipelago boasts of luxury and world class resorts and hotels. You can book cozy villas and suites at any of these and make yourself comfortable as you enjoy your vacation stint at the great archipelago. The resorts all have private beaches at which you can swim or sunbathe and just enjoy all that the Atlantic waters and climate have to offer you. Most of them also have sophisticated recreation facilities where you can unwind when not out exploring the archipelago. Examples of recommendable luxury resorts at The Exumas include Grand Isle Resort and Spa and Exuma Beach Resort among many others.

In addition to the resorts and hotels, there are also state of the art vacation rentals which you can lease for your stay.

Great Food
Fine DiningLike most Caribbean destinations, The Exumas also offers a great cuisine. Its cuisine include fresh seafood such as tuna, lobster, marlin, conch, wahoo, and grouper and also various meats. Pork is especially served in plenty at the archipelago alongside accompanying dishes like potatoes, plantains, and fried rice.

You can visit Georgetown Fish Fry and savor some grilled tuna or deep fried conch. You can also make your way to Stocking Island and enjoy some sumptuous pig roast at Chat ‘N’ Chill Restaurant. The area has plenty of yummy dishes to offer, it all up to you concerning the dishes you will want to treat your taste buds to.

Fun Activities
You won’t be in shortage of fun activities to engage in while in this island stretch of the Bahamas. For some luxury, you may want to try out yachting. Yachting services are offered by resorts as well as private business persons. Aside from yachting, you can also engage in some boating and get to tour one island after another.

Other fun activities at The Exumas include fishing, parasailing, kayaking, and snorkeling among many more. Talking of snorkeling, there are a lot of underwater attractions to see at the archipelago. These include coral reefs, sea turtles, and starfish among others.

Friendly Natives
Your stay at the Caribbean hotspot will further be made colorful by the friendliness of the locals. The local Caribbean community are very friendly to visitors and willing to help in any possible way.

Visit the Archipelago
Are you seeking to go on a luxury vacation any time soon? Why not give The Exumas a try? You will most likely enjoy its lovely setting, pristine beaches, great food, and every other wonderful thing there.

In case you may want to visit the archipelago, it’s most advisable to do so between December and April. The weather there is at its best during this period of time.


Luxury travel is fun for everyone in the world, and sometimes a much needed treat.  We know not everyone has the means to go all out full luxury, but if you are blessed and have the opportunity, please do take the time to treat yourself to something magical.  The experience will blow you away and rejuvenate your sole.   If you  know of other great luxurious places to visit in this world please send us a quick note and let us know where it is, we will try to visit and write about it as well.  If you want to try your hand at writing the article for us and sharing your pictures we would love that too.

Safe Travels!

Enjoy a Luxury Travel to Indian Destinations

Luxury Destinations

airplaneSelecting a vacation destination could be difficult for most of us.  You can find just too many excellent destinations to go visit and it can be somewhat overwhelming.  For individuals who live in the cold climate, the option to go to some place with lots of sun and sand may be your first choice.  The web has completely transformed the way lots of people do business with regards to travel.  You can find so many various options obtainable, but you have to know where to look.

Since the introduction of internet, people across the world use internet for any kind of traveling information.  From information of the places to booking in hotels, internet is a platform which offers anything and everything related to traveling.  It is an interesting fact that tours and travel related businesses attracts millions of user everyday and it is the second most searched service on the internet.  And that’s the most important reason that a lot of online websites today offer various services online which is related to traveling.

Online traveling websites have their own niche services when it comes to exclusive travelers who do not look at the expenses rather go all out for a place which can provide them the experience of heaven on the earth.  For such luxury travelers there is online travel guide which provide them information regarding the luxury travel destination across the world with detailed information.

In the Indian context there are some exotic and culturally rich destinations for the luxury travelers who like to absorb the essence of the luxury travel destination while relaxing.

Rajasthan is one place in India which has the royal touch and has a worthy heritage.  It is one luxury travel destination which has magnificent forts, historical monuments and fascinating deserts.  Rajasthan attracts millions of tourists every year from all across the world.  The state offers a rare view to the wildlife.  The places like Ranthambhor National Park, Sariska Tiger Reserve and Bharatpur Sanctuary provides you a fascinating view to the world of animals.  If Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan has marvelous heritage of the Rajputs, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer offers you a vivid landscape of the state. Mount Abu is a must visit place for the forts as well as the weather.  The tour to Rajasthan provides you an opportunity to experience the hospitality of Heritage hotels which are turned into hotel from ancient forts, places and havelis.

For a luxury traveler sea, sand and sun is always a fascination.  Goa is one of the most wonderful places in India to relax.  It pampers the luxury traveler with its offerings. Goa is certainly a place where life is a party.  Goa is rich in its culture and is famous for its beautiful and intoxicating beaches.  It is one of the most amazing luxury travel destination, offering great water sports with lot of places to visit.

Kerala is another state in India which has natural beauty.  The place is famous for its backwaters and spa treatment.  Kerala is one of the most fascinating Luxury Travel Destinations in India.  According to the National Geographic Traveler, the place is one of the top ten most beautiful places on the earth, often called as God’s own country.  It houses exorbitant water world, beaches, lakes, backwater, houseboat cruise, waterfalls and many others.

I hope you enjoyed the article and the videos.   Check back often as I will be adding more and more articles to show you the luxury you can have at all destinations in the world.  If you know of other great places to visit and would like to see us talk about them here, please send me an email and let me know.  I would love to hear from you.

Travel To Kerala Comfortably and Luxuriously

Kerala Luxury

Palm TreesOne of the most recommended holiday destinations in India is Kerala which is also familiar as the land of coconuts and God’s Own Country. The land is a perfect venue to experience an exceptional vacation in a most luxury way. Kerala, Gods own country, is a sought after destination for holidaymakers around the world. A beautiful territory where nature has manifested its bounty renders a treat to visitors’ eyes. Located on the western coast of the South India, it is a tropical paradise. Backwaters, lush green vegetation, diverse fauna, the aroma from spice plantations, a legacy of cultural heritage all sets Kerala apart in its own way making it an enticing tourist destination on the global map.

Tourists from every nook and corner of the earth landed here with a great dream to enjoy their exotic or luxury travel. Visitors are warmly welcome by the local people and deliver heartfelt traditional hospitality so every tourist can feel like their own home sweet home during their stay in the state. Local people are very nice, well-speaking and very co-operative. Interact with them experience their simple living style and they are ready to assist you in satisfying your single needs and demands. Interacting with local citizen offers a rare chance to discover their culture and heritage. The colorful cult ure and vivid heritage of the state are popular worldwide and there are many things that a visitor can observe and discover.

Kerala offers a platter of flavors ranging from mild to fiery. If spicy food is not your cup of tea, opt not to eat foods that look red in color. In fact, there are certain Kerala holiday packages that offer you the option of choosing a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian course, mild or fiery foods. With seafood being the main course, even vegetarians have ample of options to choose from, as food in Kerala is a celebration, irrespective of whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

Another enjoyable thing that you must not escape during your Kerala tour is houseboat cruising along the mesmerizing canals. Houseboat cruising offers an amazing chance to all the travelers that each of them can enjoy a memorable time with great enthusiasm. The scenic beauty of the cruising routes will surely hypnotize the attention of voyagers by incomparable beauty of azure water-body, shores lined up with multiple lush green meadows and other ancient structural buildings on the shore. Discover natural beauty in such scenic locations with your near and dear ones in a most rejuvenating manner. Make the moment of happiness in adorable places so that your memory would remember forever.

Search the related information for the destination where you want to visit in the entire state. Be a happy traveler and capture the most moment that will hard to forget in the times to come. Travel lavishly and enjoy to the fullest.

What sets a vacation in Kerala apart is the sheer natural beauty of the place, the eco-tourism initiatives by the state and the rich heritage makes it a culturally enriching. The luxury sojourns that are within the geographical territory of the state only makes the holiday memorable, leaves you asking for more urging you to return.

Booking a Kerala travel package is the best way of traveling to this incredible state. It gives you a direction with pre-booked reservations at all the places you wish to visit. Be sure to take your camera and go clicking, as you would fall in love with nature all over again- just as Kerala promises!

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